ART for food presents

Our first in person and online art exhibition!

If you would like to peruse our collection of artworks in person please visit us at The Angel Gallery, South St, Totnes TQ9 5DZ

We're giving 20% of all proceeds to Food In Community.

If you would like to make a donation to them but do not wish to buy a piece of art, you can do so here.


Title: "Pippi's Porcelain Vase Collection"

Artist: Jeanette Stevenson

Dimensions: Largest vase H: 135mm x D 85mm
Medium Vase: H: 110mm x D: 50mm Jug: H: 80mm x D: 65mm

Medium: Handmade Porcelain


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Shadow 18"

Artist: Anne Moore

Dimensions: 420 mm x 590 mm

Medium: Photograph Printed On Artist Graphic Matt On Mountboard


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Title: "Endless Space"

Artist: Kate Bosence

Dimensions: 480mm x 480mm

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas


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005 - SOLD

Title: "Last-out,-Lights"

Artist: Robbie Fife

Dimensions: 270mm x 24mm

Medium: Monotype


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Title: "Spring Poem"

Artist: Yvonne Coomber

Dimensions: 660mm x 660mm framed

Medium: Giclee Print, Edition #92 /100 Signed And Titled


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007 - SOLD

Title: "Peterloo Massacre 1st Class Stamp"

Artist: Jimmy Cauty, L-13

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Medium: Inkjet Print On Hahnemuhle Paper, Signed 1/1


Not Available To Buy

008 - SOLD

Title: "Eat The Rich"

Artist: Jamie Reid, L-13

Dimensions: 420mm x 540mm

Medium: Inkjet Print On Bamboo Paper, Signed 1/1


Not Available To Buy

009 - SOLD

Title: "Chris Whitty Stamp of Mass Vaccination Common Variant 1"

Artist: Jimmy Cauty, L-13

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Medium: Inkjet Print On Hahnemuhle Paper, Signed 1/1


Not Available To Buy

010 - SOLD

Title: "COLLIDER Edition Silver"

Artist: Harry, Adams, L-13

Dimensions: 300 x 215mm

Medium: Three Colour Screen Print On Plywood Panel, Edition of 50 Copies, Signed, Numbered and stamped ‘HA’.


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Man With Jackdaw"

Artist: Billie Childish, L-13

Dimensions: 265mm x 395mm

Medium: Woodcut On Japanese Ho-Sho Paper Signed AP


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Title: "Juicy"

Artist: Nicky Bell

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas


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Title: "Dead Magic"

Artist: Ruby Tomasina (@ricetartgandishanks

Dimensions: 450mm x 480mm

Medium: Original Copper Plate Etching On Fine Art Stock


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014 - SOLD

Title: "Swans At Dawn"

Artist: Ella Martin

Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm

Medium: Quink Ink, Oil Pastel and Graphite On Paper


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Mesh Work"

Artist: Kayleigh Harris

Dimensions: 210 x 148mm

Medium: Graphite With Recycled Paper


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Cyanotype Ascophyllum"

Artist: Lightdark

Dimensions: 320mm x 420mm framed

Medium: Original Cyanotype On Paper


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017 - SOLD

Title: "What Are The Chances?"

Artist: Dinah Gibbons

Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm

Medium: Giclee Print, Limited Edition 1/3


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Falling"

Artist: Amelia Berry

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm

Medium: Acrylic Paint With Varnish Finish


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Title: "The Origin"

Artist: David Bernson

Dimensions: 280 × 220 ×140 mm

Medium: Limestone


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Title: "Solar Field"

Artist: Stuart Voaden

Dimensions: 420mm x 520mm

Medium: Acrylic Paint And Ink On Ply Wood


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Title: "All I Ever Wanted"

Artist: Martha Scott

Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 80 mm

Medium: Insulation Board, Egg, Elastic Cord, Found Nails, Paper Print


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022 - SOLD

Title: "Untitled"

Artist: Selby Thomas

Dimensions: 317.5mm x 368.3mm

Medium: Archival Print On Rag Paper


Not Available To Buy


Title: "This Is A True Story"

Artist: Simon Webster

Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm

Medium: Photographs


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Title: "Dreamscape"

Artist: Laurence Bruce

Dimensions: 378mm x 428mm framed

Medium: Photograph


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Title: "Camellia and Lemon"

Artist: Amy Chudley

Dimensions: 300mm x 400mm

Medium: Oil On Canvas


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Title: "Elixir of Night"

Artist: Claudia Schmid

Dimensions: W 267mm

Medium: Ink and Colour Pencil On Paper


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Title: "Boots and Coins"

Artist: Dan Wheatley

Dimensions: 406.4mm x 406.4mm

Medium: Oil On Canvas


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Title: "Let Yourself Be Empty"

Artist: Holly Nevill

Dimensions: 250mm x 200mm framed

Medium: White Paper And Pen


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029 - SOLD

Title: "Mother/Spoon"

Artist: Georgie Gilpin

Dimensions: 500mm x 250mm

Medium: Slate And Porcelain


Not Available To Buy


Title: "The Lost Lunch"

Artist: Michelle Wheatley

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2inches

Medium: One Off Slip Cast Porcelain Sculpture


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Title: "Nearness"

Artist: Jamila Hanan (@jamilahanan)

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm

Medium: Photograph printed on wood, Frame not needed


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Title: "Emerging Consciousness"

Artist: Christian De Sousa

Dimensions: 660mm x 510mm

Medium: Photographic Giclée Print On Canvas


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Title: "Ode to Woman"

Artist: Alexander Brown

Dimensions: 11 inch x 11 inch

Medium: Acrylic Silk Print 1/10


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Title: "A longing to fall back, 2020"

Artist: Sarah King


Medium: Gesso, Cloth, Acupuncture Needle, Orchid


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Title: "Test number 17, 2014"

Artist: Kelvin Burr


Medium: Ash, Lime, Pigment


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Red Earth"

Artist: Dawn Shade

Dimensions: 240mm x350mm

Medium: Watercolour With Gold Highlight.


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Title: "Lannacombe"

Artist: Mike Miles

Dimensions: 290 x 600mm

Medium: Oil And Acrylic On Canvas


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039 - SOLD

Title: "Cherries"

Artist: Kate Wilson

Dimensions: 330mm x 490mm

Medium: Watercolour Painting


Not Available To Buy


Title: "The Grand Canal"

Artist: Julia Finzel

Dimensions: 450mm x360mm

Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas


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Title: "In Memorium"

Artist: Fiona Green

Dimensions: 460mm x 560mm

Medium: Photographic Collage


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Title: "If I Find You Again It's Because I Love You"

Artist: Mike Boyer

Dimensions: 400 x 400mm

Medium: Oil On Canvas


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Title: "La Grande Dame"

Artist: Lili John

Dimensions: 350mm x 450mm

Medium: Giclee Print Of Watercolour Painting


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Title: "The Planet Cries"

Artist: Roman Alonso

Dimensions: 400mm x 500mm framed

Medium: Framed Photograph


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Title: "Dreamscape"

Artist: Sam Regan

Dimensions: 289mm x 267mm

Medium: Oil On Canvas Over Board


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Title: "Sculptural Bird Feeder"

Artist: Tabitha Chambers

Dimensions: h 400mm x c 560mm

Medium: Stoneware Clay and Glazes


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Title: "Untitled"

Artist: Ken Gill


Medium: Mixed Media


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048 - SOLD

Title: "Something Ancient"

Artist: Rose Ellis

Dimensions: 440 x 270mm

Medium: Raku Ceramic, Steel Rod, Wooden Plinth


Not Available To Buy


Title: "Cretan Flora 1"

Artist: Jan O'Highway

Dimensions: 470mm x620cm

Medium: Digital Photographic Print On Canvas


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Title: "Spell Oak"

Artist: Prana Simon

Dimensions: 300 x 400mm

Medium: Giclee print of oil on canvas


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Food in Community will use the funds to continue to bring food to an ever growing number of vulnerable families. Every week of every year volunteers collect and sort surplus fresh fruit, vegetables and other nutritious sustainably produced food from growers and suppliers. They deliver boxes to individual households, charities and community groups across South Devon. Since COVID, they have been unable to open their community cafes, so during this time of extraordinary need funding has been seriously affected. The number of families in need of support has doubled during the pandemic.
Art is integral to us as individuals and as communities. This last year has impacted artists, with many livelihoods being lost or compromised, bidding in this auction is a step towards acknowledging and celebrating all artists and art, creators and creations.
****winner pays for the postage****